Background & Introduction :

Vietnamese Government crushed the native Cham and Khmer population and drove them out with a government sanctioned extermination and resettlement policy.

Now there are fewer than 160,000 remaining Cham Muslims in the area.

And there are large number of Muslim Orphans with no options, no hope, no resources and no education and sports.

 Syed Family’s Risk Assessment

  • General and generational risk of growing up without emotional, educational and healthcare
  • Lack of education limits the social growth and opportunity for better career and businesses
  • Prone to be targeted for drug abuse from early stage of childhood
  • Lack of family and counseling care and emotional void inclines to join the gangs and bad environment


 Audit & Advocacy

  • Syed Family’s Mandated Charter with Acceptable Manners of Conduct & Communication
  • Financial, Management and Legal Policies & Procedures
  • Code of Conduct, Acceptable Use, Privacy & Information Security Policies, Standards, Processes with training & awareness
  • Privacy, Security and ITIL based process controls with clearly defined roles & responsibilities and segregation of duties.
  • Documented process & procedures for internal accounting and financial controls
  • Internal Accounting in and IT audit
  • External and Independent Audit company to audit and provide audit report


Project Management Office

  • PMO Charter, Authority & Scope
  • Program Management
  • Program Sponsorship & Funding
  • Dedicated Program Manager & Process Team


Champa U.S & Local Teams Members

  • On-boarding, Supervision & Training, Communication and operations review meeting
  • Resolving issues & conflicts
  • Appreciation & Awards


Success Stories

  • Media Communication
  • Public Relationship
  • Social Media Marketing & Communication
  • Events Registration & Management