Background & Current State :

 More than 85% of Champa Community in Vietnam & Cambodia face a shortage of food and nutrition.

With 100 children under-5 dying each day of preventable causes – a figure 3.5 times higher among ethnic minorities in northern mountainous areas. Although ethnic minorities account for 15 per cent of the total population, the rate of mortality of children under-5 among this group is 3.5 times higher than for the Kinh majority. Deprivations around health and nutrition have also left 1.9 million children under-5 suffering from stunting, leaving permanent physical and brain damage. Unsafe water and sanitation still account for a significant number of communicable diseases, with three million children deprived of clean water.

Risk Assessment

  • Poor Health
  • Lack of Education
  • Lack of skills & capabilities for Economic opportunities
  • High Levels of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression


SRF OCK Governance

SRF Solution Approach

SRF Online Champa Kingdom emphasizes its main focus on the training programs to the farmers, landless labors and small farmers related to the rearing of animals and farming.

Online Champa Kingdom team has researched and prepared remarkable work with the help of Veterinary officers and Agricultural Scientists in this field. The farmers and villagers do not know the scientific way of cattle rearing.

They follow the traditional things whether they are wrong or right. Our team including Veterinary Doctors have explained them that how they can get double income from the rearing of animals.

We have emphasized that our community farmers should do organic farming. By this they can save the life of our new generations otherwise much enough use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will destroy the health of our land and people.  



There are animal husbandry projects in the following areas:  

  • Champa Goat & Cow Distribution
  • Champa Donkey Distribution transportation & labor
  • Champa livestock Project
  • Chicken Coop and Bees


Additional information

More than 20 Food For The Poor projects in Vietnam & Cambodia are geared toward production of other food products– chickens, goats, cows, fruit trees, and vegetable farms.


Audit & Advocacy

  • Syed Family’s Mandated Charter with Acceptable Manners of Conduct & Communication
  • Financial, Management and Legal Policies & Procedures
  • Code of Conduct, Acceptable Use, Privacy & Information Security Policies, Standards, Processes with training & awareness
  • Privacy, Security and ITIL based process controls with clearly defined roles & responsibilities and segregation of duties.
  • Documented process & procedures for internal accounting and financial controls
  • Internal Accounting in and IT audit
  • External and Independent Audit company to audit and provide audit report


Project Management Office

  • PMO Charter, Authority & Scope
  • Program Management
  • Program Sponsorship & Funding
  • Dedicated Program Manager & Process Team


Champa U.S & Local Teams Members

  • On-boarding, Supervision & Training, Communication and operations review meeting
  • Resolving issues & conflicts
  • Appreciation & Awards


Success Stories

  • Media Communication
  • Public Relationship
  • Social Media Marketing & Communication
  • Events Registration & Management