Background & Current State

The Objective of the Literacy, Vocational Skills Training and Employment Project is to provide vocational skills training, complemented by life skills and small business management skills in preparation for successful reintegration for the Champa Community.

The Program is Sponsored by Syed Rizwan Ashraf’s Family and Rimici Muslim Family Governance Framework

Risk Assessment

Not having the Online Champa Kingdom Social Programs, the Champa Families and women face the following risks:

  • No economic and job opportunities
  • When find a job, accept lower wages Opportunity costs (forgone earnings as unskilled worker)
  • Initial cost to setup and operate a Vocational Training Center is High
  • No Sustainability and growth Model

Equipping women and girls with practical skills that can be used to generate income in constructive ways reduces the need for potentially unsafe social status & migration.

Training in ‘life skills’ enables women & girls to more confidently and constructively negotiate relationships.

Literacy skills facilitate life-long access to vital information and learning opportunities, while small business skills training brings the confidence needed for small business operation.


SRF OCK Governance


 Audit & Advocacy

  • Syed Family’s Mandated Charter with Acceptable Manners of Conduct & Communication
  • Financial, Management and Legal Policies & Procedures
  • Code of Conduct, Acceptable Use, Privacy & Information Security Policies, Standards, Processes with training & awareness
  • Privacy, Security and ITIL based process controls with clearly defined roles & responsibilities and segregation of duties.
  • Documented process & procedures for internal accounting and financial controls
  • Internal Accounting in and IT audit
  • External and Independent Audit company to audit and provide audit report


Project Management Office

  • PMO Charter, Authority & Scope
  • Program Management
  • Program Sponsorship & Funding
  • Dedicated Program Manager & Process Team


Champa U.S & Local Teams Members

  • On-boarding, Supervision & Training, Communication and operations review meeting
  • Resolving issues & conflicts
  • Appreciation & Awards


Success Stories

  • Media Communication
  • Public Relationship
  • Social Media Marketing & Communication
  • Events Registration & Management