Background & Introduction :

Vietnamese Government crushed the native Cham and Khmer population and drove them out with a government sanctioned extermination and resettlement policy.

Now there are fewer than 160,000 remaining Cham Muslims in the area.

And there are large number of Muslim Orphans with no options, no hope, no resources and no education and sports.

Government sanctioned violence continues today with the suppression of pro-Cham activism and generally massive silent police abuse continues with unreported murders, rapes, and forceful evictions. The Cham are joined in this regard by the hill tribes members and Khmer.

Social Initiative for Champa (Online Champa Kingdom) is preparing to let orphans get training, educate, and study at school and some correction centers in a whole country for they are understanding and knowledge to educate themselves and to be academy to future.  

Social Initiative of Champa (Online Champa Kingdom) is reaching out to Muslim Community and leaders to raise funds to succeed in Orphans Protection planning in Cambodia & Vietnam for helping to save their lives. This planning can help them to have a chance to study and to get a better life.